DiSC pantomime

Everything DiSC floor graphic activity

Objective: Deepen learners’ understanding of the four main DiSC styles and people-reading. Get people standing during a longer training.

Prerequisites: Familiarity with DiSC styles. Completing the people-reading activity in the Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitation Kit will also be helpful.

Determine if the facilitators or participants will be doing the acting. You might not want to ask a group of mostly C and S style learners to flex outside their more reserved and reticent styles. In larger groups you can ask for volunteers.

Tip: Even if the facilitators do the acting, we suggest having everyone stand during the exercise. Sometimes those standing will also pantomime.

Materials: Everything DiSC® floor graphic, assorted props

Preparation: Arrange your props (hats, ribbons, stress balls, toys, etc.) near the floor graphic.

Time required: ~40 minutes


  1. Participant (or trainer) moves to a position on the floor graphic and pantomimes gestures or activities associated with this style. The more over-exaggeration, the better. Do this for each of the four styles.
  2. After each "role" ask others in the group if they think the pantomime is accurate or an unfair stereotype. Is this how the style looks to those who share it? To those that don't?
  3. Discusss the advantages of people-reading and also possible misuses of it.

Charades alternative

Facilitators pantomime a style and ask for guesses as to which style they are acting.


D style: Stands tall and proud. Directs a choir or orchestra. Gives directions. Wins an award.

i-style: Smiles broadly. Sings with a microphone. Waves at everyone. Dances. Takes a bow. Texts and scrolls. Bounces on their feet.

S-style: Motions others over. Nods slowly in agreement. Raises a hand to volunteer. Looks at the clock or phone and panics. Makes calming gestures.

C-style: Checks items off clipboard or on fingers. Squints with head down over work. Raises hand while shaking head “no.” One eye closed, looks through a magnifying glass. Turns back to group.


Walk the circle

What’s something your team is trying to sell? It could be a product, a service, a proposal, a budget request, or anything. We’re all in sales one way or another. Take a position on the D section of the graphic. How would you sell to a D-style? What does a D need to make a decision? Move to the i section. How would you sell to an i-style? What does the i need to make a decision?

Are you exploring all perspectives? Take an issue confronting your team or just yourself. Stand on the S section of the graphic. What’s the S-style perspective on your issue? What would the S want to know or feel? What would the S-style ask? Move to the C section. What’s the C-style perspective? What would the C want to know or feel? What would the C-style ask?