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Everything DiSC® Floor Graphic
Use during your Everything DiSC training sessions.

The Everything DiSC® floor graphic is a 47” circle textured matte vinyl with fabric backing adhesive.
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It is ideal for use on indoor floors and for short-term outdoor use on smooth surfaces. It works well on carpet, tile, wood, PVC floors, metal, untreated stone, and painted surfaces.

It can be also posted on a wall, however we recommend leaving the backing on and using another adhesive or manner of attaching so as to avoid any damage to painted walls.

Application instructions: Prior to application, be sure the surface is dry and clean. The surface must be above 50°F before application.

This product has a Slip Resistant Certification (ASTM D-2047 and R12).

Everything DiSC floor graphic in use.
From the DiSCProfiles.com blog: Everything DiSC Floor graphic activities

DiSCProfile.com and Wiley are not responsible for any damage to surfaces. Adhesion to surface is not guaranteed after first use.