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Everything DiSC® Needs Magnetic Tags - Variety

What if people had their needs written all over them?

These magnetic tags can be used again and again as a fun part of your DiSC training. Who will choose Coffee? Who will choose Results? What do these needs say about us and our priorities in terms of DiSC?

12 magnetic tags, each with a different need.
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Imagine using these at your next training.

Everything DiSC facilitators and trainers have been asking for these tags for a long time. They are now here and they are magnetic.

The tags attach with two powerful magnets, meaning you can use them at multiple trainings. Or participants can take them back to their desks and wear them at the office.

This starter package includes 12 tags:
  • Accuracy (C)
  • Action (Di, iD)
  • Challenge (CD, DC)
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Collaboration (iS, Si)
  • Enthusiasm (i)
  • Happy Hour
  • Results (D)
  • Stability (CS, SC)
  • Support (S)
  • to be a Star

  Best Practices for Everything DiSC® Need Tags