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Team Dimensions Facilitator's Kit

Everything you need to facilitate training sessions using the paper Team Dimensions Profile.

Uses: Team roles, team building, innovation, conflict management

If you're using the online version of the Team Dimensions Profile, we suggest that you purchase the Team Dimensions Group Report for use in training (available in EPIC). This kit is not suggested for use with the online profile.

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The kit includes:

  • Administration and interpretation guidelines
  • A fully-scripted seminar
  • Presentation materials on CD
  • Two profiles
  • Hit the Mark (Team Game)

This profile helps people understand their roles on a team, introduces a process that gets new teams moving forward quickly and gets current teams unstuck. Team Dimensions 2.0 is often used with Everything DiSC® Workplace or DiSC Classic® 2.0 Plus to create the most comprehensive description of a person. DiSC describes who you are; Team Dimensions describes what you do and the talents you bring to a team.

Samples and resources

Volume 1 Table of Contents  
Volume 2 Table of Contents (Team Innovation Seminar)