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Team Dimensions Group Report

This 11-page report identifies the styles, the dynamics, and the balance within your team. The report explores how the team prioritizes and makes decisions. This report  includes individual names.

This report is created from 3 or more completed individual Team Dimensions online profiles.
Available with online profiles only.

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The Team Dimensions Profile 2.0 Group Report provides:
  • Brief overview of the five team roles
  • Snapshot of individual team members' roles
  • Percentage of group members in each role
  • Team Dimensions Map showing the role distribution of team members
  • Graphic summary of the group’s priorities
  • Discussion of the group’s strengths and limitations
  • Individual Data Table listing the name of each team member and his or her primary role and secondary tendency
Using in EPIC

This report can be run for 15 credits.
Why use EPIC?

Team Dimensions Group Report Sample