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Time Mastery Profile Facilitator Report

This 17-page report is intended for us by trainers facilitators to better focus their Time Mastery sessions based on both the job importance and relative self-assessed skill level of participants. This report  includes individual names.

This report is created from 3 or more completed individual Time Mastery online profiles.

Available with online profiles only.

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The Time Mastery® Facilitator Report provides:
  • Time Mastery Profile Facilitator Rerpot sample imageBrief overview of how to use the report
  • Group Skills Gap Analysis overview and table
  • Group Skills Gap Analysis by category
  • Overall Time Mastery Level Distribution chart
  • Identification of participants by name
Using in EPIC

This report can be run for 15 credits.
Why use EPIC?

Time Mastery® Profile Facilitator Report sample