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Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team® requires a commitment of time, energy and budget. Is it worth it? Our team is stronger because of it. Here's how this program has helped other teams.  

Addresses a real need

Many of us work in situations where the work is done not by individuals, but by teams. You know that a one-hit class or event is not going to cut it. You want something deeper and richer for team-building than training you've experienced before.
Quote:It’s beautiful in its simplicity. It’s practical, measurable, and you can use it in the context of your own company culture with real things that are happening in business today, which makes it that much more powerful.

Mark Nikolich, CEO of Braskem America


Quote: We needed to break down barriers and evolve the team into something productive.

Dale Danilewitz, CIO of AmerisourceBergen

Gets results

If you're going to invest in the Five Behaviors assessments and facilitation, you want to be confident that your team will get lasting results.
Quote:It made me realize that maybe we weren’t as good as I imagined, but that reset the bar in terms of expectations.

Kevin Towles, director of strategy, Braskem America

Quote:One of the outcomes of The Five Behaviors training is that we actually came up with an action plan. I’ve taken so many trainings from so many different people in the past over the years, and I can honestly say this is the only program I’ve ever taken where what I learned is actually implemented and being used to this day.

Alyson McCarthy, CEO, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Las Vegas

Quote:With city council and city staff functioning as a cohesive and collaborative team,” says Davis, “they make better, faster decisions, leverage the skills and perspectives of all members, and waste less time and energy on the misdirected priorities and destructive conflict that often define a political organization.

Roy Davis, Davis Success Solutions (program facilitator)

Quote:What’s uncommon – and takes more effort – is that they apologized to each other. I don’t think we would have done that six months ago. I think we would have given the cold shoulder until the next meeting.

Darrell Williams, director of sales, Braskem America

Quote:We got past the really uncomfortable conversations, had more effective one-on-ones, and became comfortable bringing up issues that previously we would be afraid to address.

Jessica Lindsay, radiology directory, Lee Memorial Health Systems

Quote:Before, if another manager walked into your shop, you’d be horrified. Now, they ring each other up asking, ‘Please come and have a look at this and tell me what you think.’

Luke, Harris Farm Markets

Quote:The comparison reports were a decoder that gave me clarity on how to work better with my coworkers and boss

Suzanne Kosub, head of Delivery Management, AmerisourceBergen

Is valued and appreciated

There's no denying that going through the 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team takes can be uncomfortable at times. After all, you're talking about issues of trust, conflict, accountability and commitment. We aren't used to talking about these openly and honestly in our teams. So how do attendees really feel about the program?
Quote:Without question the most enjoyable retreat that I have attended. It enhanced the team and my perception of the members.

Michael Hansen, police chief, City of Schertz

Quote:We have always been very good at what we do. We innovate. We lead. We win. Now, I suspect that we will see a seminal turn of the crank, if you will, where our very culture will be permanently and positively changed, and thus our relevance and successes will be ensured and accelerated.

Mayor Michael Carpenter, City of Schertz

Quote:The Five Behaviors actually gave me something that was actionable and that the team could see as actionable, more at a collective level but also at an individual level. I got emails from people saying, ‘No one has ever invested in me in this way. It’s fantastic!’

Darci Kleindl, general manager of sales, Microsoft Business Solutions

After completing the course, it was clear that the team was totally engaged in becoming more united. We are currently working on some very big projects. I can safely say that if we hadn’t completed The Five Behaviors course, we would not achieve what we set out to achieve. It was one of the most beneficial courses I’ve completed in recent years.

Peter, Harris Farm Markets

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