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What happens after you select your DiSC® product?

Administering and scoring the DiSC assessment
The process from purchase to receipt of completed profiles differs a bit, depending on whether or not you're using an EPIC Administrator Account, and if you're ordering an online or paper product.

On this page:

For EPIC Administrator Account clients

Recommended if you're purchasing multiple profiles or want to have control over results visibility.

  1. Purchase EPIC credits - assuming you already have an EPIC account. If you do not, you will need to purchase an EPIC Starter Package.
    Note: You will not have instant access to your credits. EPIC credits are not moved into your account automatically; we must do this manually. We place top priority on providing EPIC credits and do this throughout our regular business hours.
  2. Send Access Codes to participants from your EPIC account. (Access Codes give participants access to the assessment.)
  3. Allow time for participants to complete their profiles online. Send reminders from EPIC if necessary.
  4. Print, email or save profile reports, as desired.
  5. Run group or comparison reports, if needed and available.
  6. Profiles and reports remain in your EPIC account as long as you keep the account unless you chose to delete them.

Learn more about EPIC Administrator Accounts.
For help using EPIC, go to EPIC Quick Start Guide.

For non-EPIC online orders

Everything is completed online, but please call us if you have any questions.

  1. Select the quantity of profiles to purchase. Place your order online. Be careful to enter your email accurately. An incorrect email address will prevent you from receiving your confirmation receipt and your email(s) with profile access code(s). 
  2. Receive a confirmation of your order via e-mail. If you do not receive an emailed access code within 24 hours, please make sure to check your junk/spam folders.
  3. Receive email(s) from orders@discprofile.com with Access Code(s). You will get one message for each profile you order. In other words, if you purchase profiles for eleven people, you will receive eleven emails. Please save the email.
  4. Forward the email with the Access Code to the person you want to take the assessment.
  5. Allow time for participants to take their tests. Profiles are available immediately after the assessment is completed. Ask participants to tell you when they have completed their profiles.
  6. Once you've learned that they have taken their test(s), go to the original email(s) you received and click the embedded link.
  7. You can print, email, or save completed profiles as PDF files.
You and your participants can find the code for downloading their completed profiles either in the original email or on their report cover.

Everything DiSC code location

For paper orders

  1. Place your order.
  2. Receive paper copies via USPS or UPS.
  3. Most paper tests are taken by gently scratching off selections with a coin. Tests are self-scored.

Additional notes about online tests

  • Profile access codes are delivered electronically immediately after order.
  • Access Codes are only sent to the billing email entered for purchaser. Codes are not sent to "ship to" emails.
  • Purchaser may forward email access codes to profile respondents. If you forward the access code to another person, you will NOT be notified of report completion nor automatically receive the completed report.
  • After you are sure the respondent has completed the profile, you can retrieve the completed report by clicking on the access code link in the original email. This leads to the completed report.
  • One email access code is issued for each test report ordered.
  • All DiSC profile access code emails will be immediately electronically delivered from orders@discprofile.com. If you do not receive an emailed access code within 24 hours, please make sure to check your junk/spam folders. You might want to add this address to your trusted email list.
  • Respondents should set aside 10-20 minutes to complete the survey. The system will time-out after 20 minutes with no activity.  While not advised, if a respondent cannot complete the assessments during one session, she or he can return and the questions will pick up where the respondent left off.
  • Group reports should be ordered at the same time as the individual reports.

Common questions from participants

How should I answer the questions? Should I think about myself in the workplace, in social situations or in general?

Many factors affect a person's profile results, and the response focus is most likely not a significant one. However, if you're administering the assessment in a work setting there's no harm in asking the respondent to answer questions with that setting in mind. Our environment (e.g., at work, at home, with friends) does play an important role in our understanding of DiSC. But it is much more an issue of how we apply insights gained from profiles, not how the profiles are constructed from respondents' answers.

Can my profile change over time?

In general, the average person's profile tends to stay fairly consistent over time. While small differences in results from one time to the next may occur, major shifts in style are unlikely. However, if it has been two years or more since someone last took the profile, we recommend taking it again to ensure the most accurate and up-to-date information. People who have taken the DiSC Classic and now have the opportunity to take an Everything DiSC assessment will appreciate the newer expanded and targeted profile report.

Is there a web page I can share with others that explains a little about my DiSC style?

You might want to share these pages with your participants. Many people like to share their results through social media.

Dominance (D) DiSC style explained.
Influence (i) DiSC style explained.
Conscientiousness (C) DiSC style explained.
Steadiness (S) DiSC style explained.
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If you administered Everything DiSC profiles through EPIC, you can also run Comparison Reports for interested participants. The only cost is your time.

Everything DiSC Comparison Reports explained: How do you compare to me? from our blog