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To add team members to existing Five Behaviors team, follow these instructions.

Log into EPIC and select:
Manage Reports | Edit Existing Five Behaviors Team

EPIC: Edit existing Five Behaviors team

You should see something like the image below.

EPIC: Manage Reports - Search


Edit the Report Summary

The Report Summary is the parent record for the team.

Search for the name of anyone currently in the group.

Press the Edit link to edit the team report.

Locate Team Name


The resulting page should list Report Details and Team Members.

Add Team Members

Add Team Members using one of the three methods:

Enter Individual Respondents
Enter an email address and a name for a Respondent, then press the Add button.
Enter Individual Respondent data

Quantity: When quantity is available, you can enter a number to send more than one (1) Access Code to the email address entered.

Import Respondents
Select the Import from Excel tab and upload an Excel spreadsheet of Respondents.

Import from Excel

Use Existing Report
Select the Use Existing Report tab, then use the Search button to search for and select Respondents with completed profiles.
Use Existing Report
  • When using one completed Everything DiSC respondent to create a new Five Behaviors report, respondents will not be required to take the DiSC portion of the assessment again. Their previous DiSC style scores will be used in the new report, and only the report-specific questions will be asked of them.
Respondent List
As you add Respondents using each of the possible ways, EPIC builds a Respondent List. (example below)

respondent list

Press the "X" at the beginning of a row to delete the Respondent from the list.

Press the Edit link for a row to edit the email address.

Press Save to save your changes.

EPIC displays the Total Quantity of access codes about to be created, and the Total Credits that will be charged during this transaction in EPIC.

Once you have populated the Respondent List with all of the team members you wish to add, press the Nextbutton. You will be given the option to include a custom email message or subject line, and will then be taken to the confirmation page summarizing your credit transaction. The confirmation page will give you a status of the emails sent to the Respondents (team members) you added.