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EPIC allows you to save several email templates. These can be used for sending out access codes, reminding participants to complete their profiles, sending a Comparison Report, or other tasks.

Once stored in the library, the messages can be recalled and inserted into email notes anytime EPIC provides you with an option to insert Custom Email Messages.


Go to Personal Options | Manage Custom Messages

EPIC: Menu

EPIC will display the custom message folders and messages you already have stored.

EPIC: Personal Options, Messages

Create a new message

When you select Create a New Message, you'll see a screen like this.

EPIC: Custom message

  1. Give your custom email message a title.
  2. Select a folder in which to store the new message (if the correct folder is not already chosen).
  3. In the text editing area, enter the text you want to include in your message.
  4. Use System Variables to add dynamic fields to your messages, allowing them to be used for various respondents and products.
  5. Use the HTML editor toolbar to add style to your text, images such as your company logo, or hyperlinks to websites you wish to include.
  6. Press the Save button to complete the process.


EPIC: VariablesSystem Variables
The system variable fields are designed to be used during the Assign Access Codes process and are dynamically filled in at the time the email message is sent. Use system variables to automatically insert participants' names, for example.

Place and click your cursor where you want the variable to be inserted, move your mouse to the EPIC System Variable drop-down list, and click on the one you want. It will be inserted into your message as shown below. The variable will be replaced by the appropriate text when you send the message.

System Variable

Use this button to see how your email will look.
Preview button

To insure that your custom messages are formatted correctly, it's recommended that you create your custom message, then assign yourself an access code. Review the email you receive to verify the layout. The code can be unassigned and the credits returned to your account using the Unassign Access Codes/Reclaim Credits function.

Edit a custom message

Choose the folder with the message you want to edit. Click on the button to the left of the folder icon to open it and see all messages stored there.

message folders

Click on Edit and you'll see something like this.

Edit message

Make your edits and save.

Sample email

Here is a sample of an email you can create in EPIC:
Below is your personal access code for the Everything DiSC XXXX assessment. Please complete the assessment by XX:00 Day, Date.


Completing the assessment will take about 15-20 minutes of your time. When answering the questions, think about the behaviors that are most typical and natural for you across a variety of situations. This is not a test, so you cannot pass or fail. It is not a predictor of your intelligence or future success. Answer based on your perceptions of yourself, not someone else's.


We look forward to working with you on how DiSC can be used as a tool for dialogue and can help improve communication both personally and professionally. Here is your personal access code for the Everything DiSC XXXX assessment. Please complete the assessment by XX:00 Day, Date.

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