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This process will both CREATE the comparison reports (create new access codes) and then batch generate them for viewing/printing/download once the reports are created. This process should not be used to batch generate reports you have already created, as this will result in duplicate reports in EPIC. To generate comparison reports you have already created, use Batch Functions > Generate Reports for Download.

Note: Up to 20 people can be compared at one time.


To begin, go to Manage Reports |  Batch Functions | Create/Generate Comparison Reports.

Epic: Menu

Step 1: Product Family and Product are pre-selected for you. Select a Language, then press the Next button.

Step 2: Select/create a folder in which to have EPIC place the new reports once they are created (Strongly recommended!).

Step 3: Select a Report Creation Option from the two (2) listed below:

EPIC: Report options

Step 3 Determines Comparison Pairings:

Compare one individual with one or more members of a group [One-to-one or One-to-many comparison].
Use the Participant Set 1 section Search button to locate and select the one (1) individual you wish to compare all other selected participants to.

EPIC: Participant Set 1

Then use the Participant Set 2 section to choose all of the other selected participants to compare to the one (1) individual. Press Next to continue.

EPIC: Participant Set 2

Compare all members of the group to each other [Many-to-many comparison].
Use the Search button to locate the set of participants to compare to one another. Press Next to continue.

EPIC: Compare all

Step 4: Once EPIC has completed your pairings (this takes longer for larger groups), review the pairs of reports, uncheck the box for any you wish to omit, then press the Next button.

EPIC: Pairing check

Step 5: EPIC creates the Access Codes for the comparison reports and gives a status of "Success" for those successfully created. Press Next to continue.

EPIC: Report confirmation

 At this point, EPIC has created your comparison reports. The next steps in the process are for creating a batch download file of the reports for viewing/printing/download.

Step 6: EPIC displays the default file name, which you can choose to overwrite. Press the Customizing Batch File Names link for help naming your file. Press Next to continue.

EPIC: Custome file name

Step 7: Review the list of comparison reports to be batch generated, uncheck any you wish to omit, then press Generate Batch.

EPIC: Batch Generation

Step 8: A message appears which gives an estimate of the time required for EPIC to generate the reports (varies). Press OK to continue.

EPIC: Estimated time

Step 9: A confirmation message provides a link to the batch download page. At this point you may leave this page and continue to use other EPIC functions or log out of the system completely. An email will be sent to the email address associated with your EPIC account when the batch process has completed.

EPIC: Batch process started

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