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Menu Location: Manage Reports | Edit Existing Reports

EPIC: Manage reports menu

1. Search for the group report you need. Refine your search by date, folder or sub-folder.

EPIC: Manage Reports
Click on search.

2. Review your search results.

EPIC: Search results

Click on Edit (to the left of the Participants' names.)

3. The Manage Reports screen will display. You can add participants from here.

EPIC: Manage & Add

Press Add.

4. Use the Search function to locate and select people to add to the report.

As you select participants, EPIC creates a list in the Participants section. You can continue to use the Add button to add participants, and you can press the "X" for any participant to remove them from the list.

EPIC: Add participants

5. Scroll down to Advanced Options. Select the report to which you'll add these names and then click on “Use existing data for new report.”

EPIC: Advanced options

6. Click Next. You'll see a screen that will confirm your additions and edits. It will also show the amount of credits to be deducted from your EPIC account.

EPIC: Confirm Report

7. Agree to credits and Click on Create Report.

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