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You can control when an access code is sent. You can send them right away or schedule them to sent at a later date. For example, if you have a training scheduled for three weeks from now, you can cue up the access codes to be sent out in a week.

Another feature allows you to automatically resend access codes to people who haven't completed their assessments. You can schedule a reminder to be sent to anyone who has not completed their profile by a certain date.

Enable future delivery and auto reminder feature

This feature will not be displayed unless it's activated on the Personal Options  |  View Edit Account information screen. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the box for Enable Future Delivery and Auto Reminder feature for assigning Access Codes. Save Changes.

EPIC: Enable future delivery

Delivery and Auto Reminder Options

Choose a future delivery date for your Access Codes and/or set up an automatic reminder to be sent to pending Access Codes.

EPIC: Timing

Deliver email (image label 1): To set a future delivery date, select the On this date radio button and specify a date and time for Access Code delivery (note your time zone settings).

Send Reminder (image label 2): To set up an auto reminder, select the If not completed by radio button and specify a date and time to send a reminder to Respondents.

Respondents with pending Access Codes receive the reminder.

The auto reminder email uses the same email content (body text) as your original email message. To use a new custom message, do not use the auto reminder option; instead use Resend Login Information.

To specify a one-time custom reminder subject line, first activate the Allow me to customize the subject line for the Auto Reminder email feature in the Advanced Options section of View/Edit Account Information.

Group ID (image label 3): EPIC assigns a Group ID for your custom delivery and reminder. Refer to this Group ID when editing delivery and reminder dates/times using the Edit Delivery Options for Access Code Groups function.

Notes:  You can't change the content of the email that will be sent as a reminder. It will use the same custom message and custom subject line (if used) that were used in the original email. If you want to change the content of your email for the reminder message, don't use the Auto Reminder option. Use the Resend Respondent Login Information to resend the access code and change your message.

A delivery date or reminder date for an individual access code in a delivery Group cannot be changed. Changes to either of the dates for the entire group can be made by using the Batch Edit Delivery Options for Access Codes function and searching for the Group ID in the list.

You can remove one or more of the respondents from your group by using the Unassign Access Codes/Reclaim Credits function. Note: If you change your mind on the entire group and decide that you don't want to deliver the initial assign access code email, the only option is to unassign the access codes. Remember to uncheck the Send Confirmation Email option on the unassign access code screen to prevent the respondent from getting an email that references an access code email that they haven't seen.

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