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Have you changed your organization's logo recently? Need to use a little different branding on your DiSC Profiles?

The logo will be displayed on the cover page of all reports generated by the EPIC system.

Begin by clicking on Personal Options | View/Edit Account Information.

EPIC: Edit account

Scroll down to the Company Logo section of the page. Delete your old logo and upload your desired image from your computer.

Epic: Edit your logo

To get the optimal results for your logo, you should use the following criteria:

File Type: JPG, PNG or GIF
Size: 750 X 750 pixels
Resolution: 300 DPI

If your logo is smaller or larger than the recommend size, the system will automatically size the logo to fit the available space on the cover of the profile. If your logo is multi-colored, EPIC will upload a color version and create a black and white version for use when you select the B/W print option for printing the report.

EPIC Quick Start Guide