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Everything DiSC Di style with prioritiesShould you invest in Everything DiSC?

Everything DiSC assessments are used by over 46 million people in 75 countries. Various profiles are available to meet specific needs and grow your organization's culture.

You know there's value in DiSC, but how much will it cost? Here are a few items to consider as you budget for your DiSC program.

Which DiSC profile will you be using?

Profiles have differing costs. For example, each Workplace profile costs $72.00 and each Productive Conflict profile costs $96.00. Use the profile that best matches your needs. Whether your focus is on individual coaching, team development, organizational communication, leadership development, sales training, dealing with conflict, or management training, there's an Everything DiSC assessment to support your needs. Many organizations use more than one profile.

How many participants need profiles?

Plan for one profile for each participant, and possibly one for yourself or a manager if they're not attending training. That way you all have your own profiles to refer to.

If you have the EPIC administrative account, you can reduce the price even further by purchasing more EPIC credits (various credit amounts are required to distribute profile access codes). EPIC credits do not expire, so plan ahead and buy for future sessions in order to reduce overall cost.

Who will facilitate the training?

Will you hire an external facilitator? Facilitation fees are set by the consultant and may include additional services like individual coaching and/or follow-on training.
Find an Everything DiSC facilitator (Authorized Everything DiSC Partner)  Fees and arrangements will vary.

If you're conducting the training yourself or utilizing an internal trainer, you will want to consider gaining your certification or purchasing and using a Facilitation Kit created for the profile you will use.

Facilitator reports are also helpful for new and experienced trainers. A listing of available reports can be reveiwed at DiSC Sample Reports. If you are facilitating a small group and purchasing individual profiles, remember to budget for an Everything DiSC Facilitator Report to pull data from the individual reports into an overview of the group dynamic.

Do you want to provide learners with additional tools or reminders of the training?

You can increase the value of any training by helping participants reflect again on the training and keep it in mind. You'll find options at Training Tools. One of the most popular tools is the QuikDiSC Card Deck ($76) which is frequently used as an icebreaker activity at the beginning of a DiSC training session.

For an impactful training follow up, MyEverythingDiSC is a powerful tool to encourage continued engagement with Everything DiSC. Learners can connect with others who have completed an Everything DiSC assessment. Whether they need to prepare for a meeting with a new project team or learn about a new coworker, Comparison Reports can help learners understand each other. MyEverythingDiSC is a free tool so it won't tap your budget, but will add significant value.

When and where is the training scheduled?

Will you incur costs for equipment or room rental? For refreshments? For basic supplies such as flip charts or pens? For an online learning plaform or license? If so, make sure you include dollars for ancillary items.

Benefits of Everything DiSC

Many trainers have had success in getting budgets approved by first purchasing a profile for themselves and whomever will approve the training. Then they go over the profile and a Comparison Report for the two of them. Seeing the accuracy and applicability of the reports can easily sell the profile.

We've seen highly positive outcomes from Everything DiSC programs including improved communication, increased emotional intelligence, more engaged employees, an increase in confidence, more effective conflict management, increased trust, improved relationships with colleagues and clients, and a more enjoyable and productive workplace.

Whether you're budgeting for a small group to pilot a program or for a retreat, or for a larger, long-term program to embed DiSC in your environment, investing in Everything DiSC can will reap benefits to help you improve your world.