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Team Dimensions Profile Paper (set of 10)
Discover the right roles for the right people.

Uses: Team roles, team building, innovation, conflict management

What role do you play on your team?

Are you more often a creator, advancer, flexer, refiner, or executor on your team? Do you know when to move from one role to another?
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Benefits to the individual
How can you best contribute to a team? What kind of projects energize you? Which team tasks will take advantage of my unique talents? This profile describes your preferred role and explores its strengths and challenges. You will discover what you do best in a team atmosphere, and you will gain valuable insight into your work habits. In addition, you will learn about other team members’ contributions, the value that they bring to the process, and how to work most effectively together.

Benefits to the team
The report introduces the team to the “Z” process--the sequence of states that most team projects follow. It explores common issues of teams: communication, meetings, time management, and team roles. Team members learn what behaviors they might expect from other team members and how best to work with them.

The Team Dimensions Profile identifies the following five team roles:

  • Creators generate new ideas and fresh concepts.
  • Advancers communicate and promote new ideas and carry them forward.
  • Refiners analyze ideas for flaws or revise projects systematically.
  • Executors deliver concrete results and seek successful implementations.
  • Flexers have an equal preference for most or all of the roles and can often adapt their styles to fit the team's needs.

This profile helps people understand their roles on a team, introduces a process that gets new teams moving forward quickly and gets current teams unstuck.

Additional Details

Brochure – Overview of Team Dimensions
Team Dimensions Insights Reference Guide – Learning objectives

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