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The Five Behaviors® Team Development

Five behaviors, one goal: build truly cohesive teams

Based on the groundbreaking book by Patrick Lencioni, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, The Five Behaviors® Team Development profile scores participants on the key behaviors every team needs to succeed: Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results.

This profile also taps the power of the Everything DiSC® model to help team members learn key behavioral insights about themselves and their teammates—improving trust and working relationships even further. 

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The Five Behaviors Team Development can help you meet a variety of organizational goals:

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Culture change

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The learning experience

The Five Behaviors® Team Development is designed to do nothing less than change the way team members work together—boosting engagement, increasing productivity, and even creating a more satisfying and enjoyable team culture dynamic. 

The learning experience is deep, robust, and memorable, ideally led by a trained facilitator who can leverage Lencioni's Five Behaviors model and customize the learning journey. 

To begin, each team member completes a computer-adaptive assessment, from which a group result and comprehensive profile report are produced.

The profile itself is a personalized journey that helps teams see where they stand on The Five Behaviors, so they can begin the process of working together more effectively.

Follow-up resources help drive home the lessons and make them an ongoing part of your organization's culture. 

You can have confidence in this assessment. The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team model, the assessment, and all the reports have been through extensive testing. To learn more download The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Research Report. 

Explore sample reports available with the Five Behaviors Team Development profile.

Five Behaviors Team Development Report (English)

  • Personalized results for both individuals and team
  • Strong visuals to help participants remember the key messages
  • Feedback that's context-specific and detailed
  • Comprehensive tips and strategies personalized for your team to help improve teamwork effectiveness and collaboration
  • Action plans to help continue the lessons
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  • Four learner profiles + one annotated team report
  • The ability to manage your learner profiles and reports easily
  • Simple credit buying system
  • Custom pre-written emails with video to send to participants
  • Capability of branding reports with your company logo and information
  • Progress Report to see how the team has improved


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The Five Behaviors® Facilitation Kit includes everything you need to energize team building in your organization: handouts, slides, images, templates, posters, video, user's guide, and take-away cards. 

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Facilitators must be confident and competent to fully maximize the benefits of The Five Behaviors® Team Development profile. Becoming accredited prepares you for helping team members confront the often-difficult and hard-to-discuss issues of their teams.
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Access all the tools and resources you need to facilitate training and bring the Five Behaviors experience to your organization.

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