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Everything DiSC Workplace®

Empower your people to engage, connect, and thrive

Everything DiSC Workplace® is far more than another assessment about you. It's about how to work better with others. How to communicate better. Collaborate better. And get along better with everyone you work with.

At its core is your personalized Everything DiSC Workplace profile, an in-depth exploration of the personality and behavior drivers of everyone in your workplace based on the DiSC model: 

  • Your DiSC style, priorities and shading, as well as your motivators and stressors
  • Overview of the DiSC styles, how you react to each, and strategies to improve your effectiveness
  • Tips and suggestions for improving your working relationships with everyone in your organization

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Everything DiSC Workplace can help you meet a variety of important organizational priorities:

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Customer testimonial

Everything DiSC Workplace has been an instrumental component of our organizational development strategy. It’s great to hear references to their DiSC style in conversations, meetings, and even our Holiday Party! It’s certainly been impactful for our organization.

Karen Shannon, VP and CRHO

The learning experience

The Everything DiSC Workplace experience is designed with a single goal in mind: to help everyone in your organization build more productive and effective relationships at work.

It's composed of an assessment and comprehensive profile report (see below), plus optional facilitation and follow-up tools (purchased separately).

Participants begin with a short, computer-adaptive assessment that uncovers their DiSC styles, as well as their workplace priorities, preferences, motivators, and stressors.

The results are translated into a personalized, 20-page report that provides detailed recommendations and strategies for working with other styles and forging more effective and rewarding relationships with everyone they work with.

To energize the experience in a group setting, facilitators can leverage dynamic presentations, engaging videos, and a wide variety of teaching tools to help drive home the lessons and make the benefits of the DiSC experience a lasting part of everyone's lives.

Beyond the group learning, MyEverythingDiSC® allows participants to take the benefits of Workplace with them wherever they go, and Comparison Reports allow any two participants to see practical tips for improving their working relationships.

Catalyst is the newest learning experience for Workplace learners and facilitators. With its modular training opportunities and organizational colleague comparisons, Everything DiSC on Catalyst keeps learners engaged on an ongoing basis—which is more effective for producing long-term behavior change.

Explore samples of the reports available with the Everything DiSC Workplace profile.

Workplace profile (English)

  • Workplace-specific report focuses on your priorities and strengths as well as those of your coworkers.
  • Supportive, personalized language is easily understood without an assessment professional.
  • Clear strategies help team members relate to each other and better understand each other’s stressors and motivators.
  • MyEverythingDiSC, our mobile-friendly, interactive learning portal, lets you take your personalized DiSC insights and strategies everywhere you go.
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Workplace purchase options

There are two easy ways to begin experiencing the benefits of Everything DiSC Workplace at your organization.

Pricing starts at

USD per profile (volume pricing available)

Buy individual profiles

If you need just one or a limited number of Workplace profiles, you simply order as many individual profiles as you need.

Here's what you get:

  • One Everything DiSC assessment for a single learner
  • Access to the test sent immediately via email to the buyer 
  • Personalized profile results immediately available to the learner upon test completion
  • Learner access to to further explore their styles and comparisons
  • A variety of in-depth, supplemental reports available for purchase


Set up an Administrative Account

The best option if you have an ongoing need for large numbers of Everything DiSC profiles or if you want to manage learner access.

Here's what you get: 

  • The ability to manage and organize all your learner profiles and reports in a secure, flexible account
  • A simple credit buying system that gives you continuous, flexible access to the tools you need
  • Results delivered to learners on your own schedule
  • Learner access to the new Everything DiSC Workplace® on Catalyst™, an exciting, on-demand learning experience with a guided, narrative format
  • Free Comparison and Team View reports 
  • Capability of branding reports with your logo and company information


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