About us

On a mission to increase empathy and understanding in the world.

If you believe the world needs a little more understanding and a little less conflict and mistrust, then you've come to the right place.

At Personality Profile Solutions, we believe the personal knowledge gained from assessments can help make the world better, one person at a time. If that sounds overly hopeful and ambitious for a simple test, you may be right.

But when you realize that the world is full of people who go about their lives interacting with others with very little knowledge about why they do what they do or why others react the way they do, then you can begin to understand. How can we expect to get along with others, when we don't even understand the forces and natural behaviors driving ourselves?

That's what the research of people like William Moulton Marston and many others who developed the DISC theory of personality and behavior has tried to uncover: why do people behave the way they do? And how can we use that knowledge to help people improve their relationships and interactions with others?

The promise of the DISC model is simple: to give people a common language they can use to better understand themselves and adapt their behaviors to others. And that's where we come in.

An award-winning partner of Wiley, Personality Profile Solutions (the parent of Discprofile.com) is one of the world's largest providers of DiSC® personality assessments. Every day we see the difference that self-awareness and self-understanding can bring to our customers: more effective communication, more rewarding working relationships, less destructive conflict, and greater collaboration and cooperation.

The a-ha moments our clients and customers experience through our products help fuel our efforts to bring the personal revelations of DiSC to everyone.

Let our team of dedicated experts connect you with the assessment tools and products that can help you, your colleagues, your organization, even your friends and family become more cohesive, effective, and, yes, happy.

We think that could be a good start toward making the world itself better.


Find out how Everything DiSC profiles can help your organization achieve its goals.

What we do

As an original provider of DiSC products and services, Discprofile.com is the authority on all things DiSC. 

Whether you're planning a DIY DiSC experience and just getting started on your DiSC journey or you represent a multinational corporation expanding your DiSC strategy, Discprofile.com is your guide to the right tools and products.

Think of Discprofile.com not as another DISC website, but as a direct connection to the most knowledgeable DiSC service team in the industry, providing you with:

  • Tools—Your trusted access to Everything DiSC® and The Five Behaviors® assessments.
  • Facilitation support—Helping you unlock the full potential of the DiSC experience. 
  • Knowledge and experience—Got a question about DiSC? We're who you call for answers. It's that simple. 
  • Expertise—Along with our experienced customer service representatives, our blog at Discprofiles.com can give you a more personal point-of-view about DiSC and everything it can do to transform your workplace.

Discprofile.com offers only the original, time-tested Everything DiSC profiles and other knowledge-building, performance-enhancing products from global publisher, Wiley.