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Everything DiSC Workplace® offers critical soft skills training to help learners and individuals

  • Increase self-awareness.
  • Gain insights into their own behaviors and those of others.
  • Understand and appreciate the work styles of others.
  • Learn how to communicate and persuade more effectively.
  • Create strategies for overcoming challenges when working with people of different DiSC® styles.

One profile is needed per person.
Trainer certification is not required, but is available.

Learn more about Everything DiSC Workplace and view a sample profile.

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Assessment experience

This online profile is designed for the individual learner.

  • Takes 15-20 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

  • Learner creates a secure account to complete or return to the survey.

  • Questionnaire includes the measurement of 12 personality types, making the report personalized.

  • Profile report is available immediately upon completion and can be saved or downloaded.

Profile features

  • This 20-page workplace-specific report focuses on the learner's priorities and strengths as well as those of others.

  • Profile provides clear strategies for building more effective relationships.

  • The language of the narrative is supportive, personalized, and easily understood without the intervention of an assessment professional.

  • The imagery and text promote the understanding that this isn’t a tool to judge or pigeon-hole someone, but rather to understand and adapt.

  • Learners can also compare their style to colleagues via MyEverythingDiSC, Wiley's online extended learning portal.

  • Profiles in languages other than English are available. Please contact us for more information.

What happens after purchase

For each profile ordered, you will receive an email with a link and code required for taking the assessment. This email will be sent automatically from [email protected] to the billing email address entered during checkout. You will receive one email for each profile purchased.

Note: You'll need to forward the email(s) if you're giving Workplace as a gift or to a team of people. If you want to see their completed profile, you'll need to ask them to send their report to you.

Gain control with an Admin Account

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1-16 $90.00
17-33 $85.50
34-49 $81.00
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67-99 $76.50
100-133 $84.75
134 + $73.50

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