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Optimizing Your Leadership Team Effectiveness

Whether your leadership team is a C-Suite or owners/managers in a small company, you want to ensure you're optimizing your effectiveness. The Everything DiSC Work of Leaders profile can help leaders understand where they focus (and don't focus.) The Work of Leaders Facilitator Report helps pull it all together.

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders 4-Pack plus Group Facilitator Report
Four Everything DiSC Work of Leaders profiles plus Group Facilitator Report. Use with your leadership team.
$450.00 each
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EPIC is the online tool for managing and facilitating DiSC tests online. Enjoy free reports and other benefits.

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The DISC model is the foundation from which all DISC-related products are created. The DISC model was developed by William Moulton Marston but he never created an assessment from it. Nor did he copyright the concept. So several others have taken his model to create their profiles.

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