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Everything DiSC on Catalyst

Personalized, interactive, actionable

Introducing Catalyst

Many of our customers and Everything DiSC practitioners are moving their Everything DiSC learners to the Catalyst platform, or starting them there. Why? Because Catalyst is a better DiSC experience for the learner and a more flexible platform for the facilitator.


Catalyst, the all-new Everything DiSC® learning platform, helps you shape and create a workplace culture that can truly drive organizations forward. Everything DiSC on Catalyst:

  • Provides a personalized, single-access platform for learners to call on throughout their DiSC journey
  • Allows participants to actively adapt to other personality styles in real time—creating more effective interactions and more gratifying working relationships
  • Integrates DiSC into the natural flow of everyday work, making behavior change not just possible but enjoyable
  • Creates a foundation for social and emotional skills training that can bring permanent cultural change

Catalyst: Colleagues' DiSC styles

Explore your purchase options

  • If you have an EPIC administration account, you'll only need to buy enough EPIC credits to send Access Codes to learners. Catalyst is available in your account.
  • If you don’t have an EPIC administration account, the Catalyst Admin Account Setup will help you launch Catalyst in your organization.

The Catalyst learning experience

The Catalyst learning experience is designed for the emerging trend toward shorter, more bite-sized learning sessions. Instead of the traditional “one-and-done” training event, Everything DiSC on Catalyst is modular, extending training over a longer period of time—which is more effective for producing long-term behavior change.

There are four parts to the Catalyst learning experience: the Everything DiSC assessment; a personalized, mobile-enabled narrative; an optional, instructor-facilitated experience (virtual or in person); and powerful follow-up tools.

Part 1: The assessment 

Participants begin with a proprietary, computer-adaptive assessment that uncovers their DiSC styles and starts the process of raising behavioral self-awareness and understanding.

Everything DiSC on Catalyst starts with the Everything DiSC Workplace assessment. While the base assessment is the same, Catalyst provides additional features that help your teams connect and build workplace culture.

Part 2: The narrative report

The assessment results are translated into a personalized narrative that’s easily accessible on the Catalyst platform. Each participant’s DiSC style is described in detail—beginning the process of social and emotional skills growth. In Catalyst, learners can also compare their DiSC style with their colleagues—along with receiving extensive tips for improving interactions and working relationships. They can also create and save groups to shed light on team dynamics that impact performance.

Part 3: The facilitator experience

To further drive home the lessons of the Catalyst experience, facilitator tools support virtual or in-person training. Facilitators can meet learners where they’re most comfortable—on their own devices and in their own time. They can also assign pre- or post-session work on Catalyst and walk through features together, one-on-one or in a group.

Part 4: Follow-up tools

Presentations, videos, and other dynamic teaching tools help the lessons stick and make the benefits of the Catalyst experience a lasting part of your organizational culture.


A more effective approach to learning

In today’s workplace, few people have time for formal, all-day training sessions. That’s why the Everything DiSC facilitation experience on Catalyst is condensed into modules that can be done in any order and with a small or large group.

Immediately relevant to everyday life

Catalyst allows participants to compare their DiSC styles to their colleagues’ styles in real time, so they can improve their working relationships while they’re occurring.

Profiles that don’t get filed away.

We’re seeing 74% of learners returning to the Catalyst site. The ability to compare their style with others in the “Your Colleagues” and “Your Groups” sections brings them back again and again.

Tools for groups and colleagues

Catalyst offers simple, interactive tools for learners to visualize their style in relation to others and understand what this means for working well together.

Your Colleagues

In the Your Colleagues section in Catalyst, users can:

  • Learn their colleagues’ strengths, when to pull them into a project, and what stresses them out
  • Compare preferences and tendencies across a range of workplace behaviors using the DiSC model
  • Gain access to tips that help them work better together in a variety of situations

Many Catalyst users review this section before heading into a meeting or kicking off a new project with a coworker.

Your Groups

The Your Groups feature invites learners to:

  • Create and save groups that reflect their workday
  • Plot each member of their team on the Group Map
  • Get to know their teammates with Style Insights
  • Shed light on group dynamics with Group Insights
  • View eight different Group Continua to quickly visualize the group’s dynamics on behavioral scales such as tactful versus frank, logic-focused versus feelings-focused, etc.

Get Advice

In the Get Advice section, learners can select a colleague and view personalized insights and practical strategies for connecting, collaborating, getting buy-in, and managing tension with that person. This helps learners apply DiSC to the real-world social situations they face every day.

Conversation Starters

Conversation Starters extend DiSC beyond the training session to help teams build cohesion and improve performance. This high-impact feature combines DiSC with simple discussion guides, equipping teams to talk about personality-based differences and how they affect group performance—culminating in clear action steps for the future.


These tools give teams a shared language for safe conversations about differences, helping them reach new levels of performance.


Your Groups image

Customer testimonial

We have used Everything DiSC assessments for years, but Catalyst has helped drive the conversation and bridge the gap by giving people a common language and space to get started with building relationships, even if its over the phone, through e-mail, or on video calls. Our employees often reference Catalyst before a call to gain insight into how to make the most of their meeting.

Annie Vallier, training & development manager, Blount Fine Foods

Profiles on Catalyst

The Everything DiSC Workplace, Management, and Agile EQ profiles are available today on the Catalyst platform.

How to buy Everything DiSC on Catalyst profiles

If you have an EPIC administration account, you’ll only need to buy enough EPIC credits to send Access Codes to learners. Catalyst is already available in your account.

If you don’t have an EPIC administration account, we suggest that you buy the Catalyst Admin Account Setup.

You can always contact us if you’re not sure.

Any past Everything DiSC or DiSC Classic learner (English only) can upgrade their profile to Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst for FREE through December 31, 2024.

Any existing Workplace, Management, or Agile EQ kit holder who purchased their kit on or before December 31, 2024, can download the Everything DiSC on Catalyst Facilitation Kit for free! Download the virtual facilitation materials by going to and entering your Workplace, Management, or Agile EQ Facilitation Kit serial number.

Profiles available on the Catalyst platform: Workplace, Management, Agile EQ

Download the Everything DiSC on Catalyst overview brochure.

Catalyst showcase webinar

Are you wondering what Catalyst could look like in practice for your organization? Join one of our monthly Catalyst walk-throughs. You will:

  • Learn about the importance of effective soft skill development in the modern workplace
  • Discover the features available in Catalyst and see the platform in action
  • Learn how to get your learners set up in the platform
  • Discuss any questions you have with one of our DiSC experts

We host these webinars on the first Wednesday of every month at noon / 12 p.m. Central Time.

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