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conference table with DiSC Team View and Sales profileOrganizations:

Making sure you hire the person who best fits your organization can save you thousands of dollars. The average cost to rehire to fill a position is 25 to 250 percent of the original employee's annual salary. Therefore, DiSC® profiles are often used as part of the hiring and onboarding process for a new employee. Use DiSC to understand how employment candidates fit with your company's culture and current employees.

Job seekers:

If you're looking for a new job, you may find a DiSC profile helpful for identifying behaviors you'll want to highlight when describing what you can bring to an organization. DiSC profiles identify key words and phrases you can use to describe yourself in a resume, to update your LinkedIn profile, or to prepare for an interview. The profile also identifies your stress points and challenges which can help you determine if a job is a good fit for you.


  • DiSC is not recommended for pre-employment screening because it does not measure a specific skill, aptitude or factor specific to any position. Personality assessments should only be one of many factors considered in the employment decision.
  • DiSC is not a predictive assessment so assumptions should not be made regarding an applicant's probability of success based solely on their style.
  • We recommend using a pre-hire assessment validated for selection - PXT Select
A person’s DiSC style should be used as only one data point in the hiring process. DiSC can be helpful if your organization has a thorough understanding of your open position's responsibilities, the competencies necessary, the behavioral traits correlated with these roles, and the company/department/team's group culture. The DiSC profile results can provide valuable insights that can contribute to a hiring decision.
PXT Select: Hire Smarter

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