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DiSC® facilitation tips

It might be your first session, your first virtual facilitation, or you might be a seasoned trainer. Either way we hope that we can be of help to you here.

Getting started with DiSC®

Introducing DiSC to your organization
Tips for getting your organization on board with DiSC

Debriefing Everything DiSC profiles
Tips for walking someone (or a group) through their assessment results

Clarifying DiSC concepts

DiSC dot and priorities explained
Clarification around dot placement and possible extra priorities

FAQs from DiSC learners
Questions you can assume people in your debriefing or training will ask

Facilitating with DiSC

Facilitation checklist
Be sure you're prepared for your DiSC session

Activities with DiSC
Liven up your DiSC training with these activities

Virtual facilitation tips for DiSC
Tips for preparing and delivering your next session online

Keeping DiSC in learners' minds
Moving from "one and done" to "return and learn"

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