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DiSC® Classic

The original DiSC personality profile solution

The original DiSC® Classic can be a valuable tool for creating the common language everyone needs to understand and discuss their differences—and the value those differences can bring to organizations big and small. There are three versions of the graph-model personality profile assessment that started it all. 

DiSC Classic is the original 28-question test and blue paper booklet (Personality Profile System 2800) that requires a pencil and not much else. It's ideal for situations where an online assessment isn't a good option.

DiSC Classic 2.0 is the same basic graph-model test only delivered and interpreted online. It's a more personalized version and provides richer interpretations. 

  • Helps employees at all levels understand their own behaviors
  • Improves communication to help build a more positive appreciation of differences in the workplace
  • Enhances individual and team performance like all original DiSC products

Note: The facilitation kit and trainer certification for DiSC Classic are no longer available.

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The original DiSC Classic is a valuable tool for achieving organizational goals.

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Customer testimonial

Thanks to DiSC, I am able to focus more energy on my natural strengths. I recognize when I should find a partner, a vendor, or an employee to help me do something better than I would have otherwise done a lousy job of on my own.

Casey Cobb, entrepreneur

The learning experience

The DiSC Classic experience is designed to be simple and engaging for a wide range of participants. It's composed of four parts: a paper or online assessment, a comprehensive profile report, an optional classroom experience, and follow-up tools.

Participants begin with either a 28-question paper or online test that uncovers their DiSC styles, intensities, profile patterns, motivators, and much more.  

The results are translated into a personalized, 23-page report that provides detailed recommendations for how to leverage your personal work style based on your profile pattern. Samples of the online profiles are available below. 

To energize the experience in a group or classroom setting, facilitators can leverage dynamic presentations, engaging videos, and a variety of teaching tools to help make the DiSC experience a lasting part of everyone's lives.

Explore the DiSC Classic sample reports.

Classic 2.0 profile (English)

  • Improve your self awareness and personal effectiveness.
  • Understand your unique DiSC® behavioral style as well as your tendencies, needs, preferred environment, and strengths and weaknesses; includes insightful strategies for greater effectiveness.
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DiSC Classic purchase options

Begin experiencing the benefits of DiSC Classic now with these easy buying options:

Pricing starts at

USD per profile (volume pricing available)

Individual online profile

  • One DiSC Classic assessment for a single learner
  • Access to the test immediately via email sent to the buyer
  • Personalized profile results immediately available to the learner upon test completion
  • Group Culture, Facilitator, and Team View Reports available for purchase


Set up an Administrative Account

The best option if you have an ongoing need for large numbers of DiSC Classic profiles or if you want to manage learner access.

Here's what you get:

  • The ability to manage and organize all your learner profiles and reports in a secure, flexible account
  • A simple credit buying system that gives you continuous, flexible access to the tools you need
  • Results delivered to learners on your own schedule
  • Ability to brand reports with your logo and company information


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For participants who don't have easy access to a computer or when cost is a strong determinant.

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