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8 Dimensions of Leadership Map

This assessment will help you personalize your reading experience of The 8 Dimensions of Leadership book. This assessment harnesses the power of the DiSC® model of human behavior and takes less than 15 minutes to complete. After receiving an email with a link to a survey and completing it, you'll immediately receive the one-page results map.

This map will point you toward specific chapters in the book after identifying your primary leadership dimension – Pioneering, Energizing, Affirming, Inclusive, Humble, Deliberate, Resolute, or Commanding.

Profile is for one person.
For each profile ordered, you will receive an email with the Access Code. Anyone taking the assessment will need to set up an account.
Note: If you’re forwarding Access Codes to others and want to see their reports, ask respondents to send their reports to you.
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The Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders provides a much richer assessment of your leadership style through self rating and ratings by staff, managers, peers, and others.


8 Dimensions of Leadership Book Map - Sample Report

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