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Facilitator’s report — a bit of theory, several action steps

This annotated report guides the facilitator through the entire Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Report. It provides a bit more information than is shared with team members so you can deliver it at the appropriate time during your program.

Page samplesIncludes:

  • Tips on interpreting scores.
  • Expanded explanations of content.
  • Resources for additional information.
  • Tips for when to introduce materials and videos from the facilitation kit.
  • Appendices (not available in participant profiles):
    • Ranking of all items by team average.
    • Team’s percentile for each of the five behaviors.
  • Normative data.

PDF file:  Sample Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Annotated Report

Once the entire team has completed their online assessments, this report will be delivered as a PDF via email to whomever ordered the assessments for the team.

Suggestions for the facilitator

Tips for facilitators
Suggestions for making the most of your session(s).