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If you have a larger group of participants, it might be easier for you to import their names rather than create them one by one.

Use the EPIC-specific template for importing names.

To access the template, select Manage Reports | Download Import Templates from the EPIC toolbar.

EPIC: Menu

Choose the proper template.

  • The Individual Respondent Template is used for all products except Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders.
  • The Rater Template is for importing  Everything DiSC 363 Raters.

Press the Download button and Save the Excel template to your PC.

Open the Excel template on your PC and enter Respondent Data.

EPIC: Excel

  • Enter your Respondent information in the correct columns on the spreadsheet to populate the template with data.
  • Do not change the column headings in row 1.
  • You can use the columns to the right of column C for your own notes (columns D, E, F, etc.).
  • Be careful to (1) enter valid email addresses and (2) leave the last row completely blank, as EPIC will not import incorrect or incomplete information.

Note: For this example we're using the Individual Respondent Template.

You will need to enter a "1" to allow online report viewing by Respondents or "0" if you do not want them to be able to view the report.

EPIC: Import template

Use Import Templates to Create Reports

Go to Manage Reports | Create New Report/Issue Access Codes

Click the Import from Excel tab to display the File Browse and Upload buttons.

 EPIC: Import tab

Press the Browse button and select the template you've downloaded to your PC from EPIC and populated with names and email addresses.

Press the Upload button to complete the process. Your imported names and email addresses will be displayed in the list of Respondents who will receive an Access Code email.

Troubleshoot Failed Import Attempts

Errors result from improperly formatted import templates and an insufficient number of credits to cover all of the imported Respondents. When an error is detected, EPIC abandons the import process and displays an error message.

The following spreadsheet errors will prevent the data from uploading:

  • Invalid email address domain (@incorrectEmailAddress.com).
  • Improperly formatted data in the spreadsheet such as:
    • Row 1 column headings altered for columns A, B & C (column headings must not be changed).
    • Words in Column C rather than numbers.
    • Last row not completely blank (a partial row of information).

If you receive an import template error message, revise your import template (Excel spreadsheet) and attempt to upload the correctly formatted data.

Common question

Can I use a spreadsheet that has first and last names in separate cells?
You'll need to merge those cells into a single cell. Microsoft offers instructions on how to do that at Combine text from two or more cells into one cell, via Microsoft.com.

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