EPIC Guide

Instructions and tips on how to use your Administrator Account (EPIC)

Once a month, we host a webinar for new EPIC administrators. In this 45-minute session, you’ll have the chance to learn all about your EPIC account and chat with one of our Everything DiSC experts. See upcoming dates and register here.

Let’s get started

We walk you through getting your EPIC account and setting it up so you can begin providing profiles.

Buying an EPIC account

Purchasing EPIC credits

EPIC system orientation

Setting up your new EPIC account

Finding your Account ID

Personalizing your EPIC account

Updating your logo

Using file folders

Adding or editing EPIC Administrators

Common EPIC tasks

Here are some of the main actions you’ll be taking in EPIC.

Sending a DiSC assessment access code

Sending Five Behaviors Team Development access codes

Resending an access code or login

Finding a participant's record

Creating and managing custom messages

Setting profile delivery options

Using existing data to create new profiles

Importing learner names 

Unassigning an assessment access code

Editing learners’ emails or names

Updating your EPIC account (change account administrator, password, or organization information)

Using credits already purchased

Running reports

Reports offer additional information to the participants and/or facilitator.

Creating sample reports

Running batch reports

Running a Comparison Report

Running batch Comparison Reports

Generating group, facilitator, and team reports

Adding a person to an existing group report

Adding a new member to an existing Five Behaviors team

Running The Five Behaviors Team Development Progress Report


Help with Catalyst in EPIC

Have a different EPIC issue?

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