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Create a Group, Team or Facilitator Report

Use the steps below to create any of the following reports in EPIC.

Everything DiSC Reports:
  • ED Work of Leaders Group Report
  • ED Work of Leaders Facilitator Report
  • ED Group Culture Report
  • ED Facilitator Report
  • ED Team View
DiSC Classic Reports:
  • DiSC Classic Group Culture Report
  • DiSC Classic Facilitator Report
  • DiSC Classic Team View

1. To begin, choose Manage Reports   Create a New Report/Issue Access Codes

EPIC: Menu

2. Select the Product Family, Product and Language selections you need and press Next.

EPIC: Product family

Tip: Set your default language at: View/Edit Account Information

3. Optional: Choose a folder and/or subfolder in which to create new Access Codes or select the New Folder link to create a new folder.

EPIC: Choose folder

Tip: Folders are the recommended way to search for reports. Create your new reports in folders/subfolders to quickly locate them later.

4. Enter a Report Name for products with this option. The report name will appear on the cover of the report. Report Names can be changed in EPIC while editing the report.

EPIC: Report name

5. Press the Add button to begin adding participants to the report.

EPIC: Add button

Use the Search function to locate and select people to add to the report.

As you select participants, EPIC creates a list in the Participants section. You can continue to use the Add button to add participants, and you can press the "X" for any participant to remove them from the list.

EPIC: Add participants

6. Press the Next button.

7. Confirm the credit deduction by pressing the OK button, or press Cancel to return to the page you were just on.

EPIC: Confirm credit deduction

The confirmation screen displays a summary of the product you just created and EPIC credits charged for creation of the report.

Press the plus sign  to the left of the Show/Hide Report Participants link to view the list of Participants included in the report.

EPIC: Report participants

Press the View/Print/Email Report button to generate a PDF version of the report, or press the Edit this report again button to make changes to this report.

See also: Add person to a group report
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