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Often you'll want to show someone what a completed profile or other report looks like. EPIC makes it easy for you to run sample reports. The samples allow you to produce a report that is personalized with your logo and contact information. (If you don't care if the report is branded for your organization, you can find all DiSC sample reports here.)

Begin by clicking on Personal Options | Create Sample Reports.

EPIC: Menu

Choose the Product Family, Product and Language of the report you wish to generate. EPIC generates a PDF version of the report that can be printed, emailed or saved.

EPIC: Select Product/Report

Some reports offer options for printing only the sections you want. Uncheck any sections you don't want to save or print.

EPIC: Report Features

EPIC might take a few seconds to generate your reports. Once it has completed it, you'll be able to choose to view, save it as a PDF or email the report.

Email options

You can send emails with an attached sample report directly from EPIC.

EPIC: Email

Add email addresses for recipients. You can create a message or use a custom message.

EPIC: Email options

TIP: If you're using a sample report as part of a proposal, you might also be interested in printing a brochure for the same profile.

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