DiSC i style shows enthusiasm and is optimistic

i style

i stands for influence

People with the DiSC i style personality tend to place an emphasis on shaping the environment by influencing or persuading others. 

Enthusiast icon

“The Enthusiast”

i styles are motivated by social recognition, group activities, and relationships. They prioritize taking action, collaboration, and expressing enthusiasm and are often described as warm, trusting, optimistic, magnetic, enthusiastic, and convincing. 

  • Fears: loss of influence, disapproval, being ignored, rejection

  • Values: coaching and counseling, freedom of expression, democratic relationships

  • Overuses: optimism, praise

  • Influences others through: charm, optimism, energy

  • In conflict: expresses feelings, gossips

  • Could improve effectiveness through: being more objective, following through on tasks

DiSC Classic patterns: Promoter, Persuader, Counselor, Appraiser

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i style goals

i styles tend to have goals such as these:

  • attain victory with flair
  • pursue friendships and happiness
  • achieve status through authority and prestige
  • seek approval and be popular
  • generate excitement
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i style challenges

i styles may need to expend more energy to:

  • get organized
  • research the facts
  • resist impulses
  • speak directly and candidly
  • stay focused for long periods
  • follow through completely
i style in leadership icon

i style in leadership

i styles love to take a new idea and run with it. They energize teams and build enthusiasm for projects. They can also be erratic leaders who see little need for consistency or caution. 

i styles often display leadership characteristics such as these: 

  • energizing
  • pioneering
  • affirming

i style variations

Keep in mind that everyone is a blend of all four DiSC styles: D, i, S, and C. But most people tend strongly toward one or two styles. If your style falls into a border with another style, you could show traits associated with that style, as well. Thus, i styles often show traits associated with the D and S styles.

iD DiSC style

The iD style

iD styles tend to be high-energy, charismatic, and adventurous, influencing others through their boldness and passion. 

Traits: high-energy, poised, persuasive, open, ambitious, self-promoting, influential, impatient, adventurous, charismatic

Goals: popularity, exciting breakthroughs, prestige

Fears: fixed environments, loss of approval or attention

Influences others through: boldness, passion

Overuses: impulsiveness, outspokenness

In conflict: expresses feelings, becomes overly dramatic

Could improve effectiveness through: focusing on details, patience, listening to others

Leadership qualities: seeks to stretch boundaries, find opportunities, and inspire action in others. Can be perceived as pushy, intimidating, or insincere.

iS DiSC style

The iS style

iS styles tend to be warm, friendly, and sociable, influencing others through their agreeableness and empathy. 

Traits: warm, friendly, accepting, collaborative, empathetic, upbeat, deadline-challenged, conflict-averse, cheerful, sociable

Goals: friendship

Fears: pressuring others, being disliked

Influences others by: agreeableness, empathy

Overuses: patience with others, indirect approaches

In conflict: seeks emotional support, dwells on wounded relationships

Would increase effectiveness through: acknowledging others’ flaws, confronting problems

Leadership qualities: supportive, respectful, and positive; can also be indirect and conflict-averse.

Communicating with an i-style icon

Communicating with an i style

When communicating with i-style individuals, share your experiences, and allow them time to ask questions and talk themselves. Focus on the positives, avoid overloading them with details, and try not to interrupt.

Deepen your understanding

The i style is just one of the four basic DiSC styles that can help deepen your understanding of yourself and inspire your appreciation of others.