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Everything DiSC Work of Leaders®

Vision, Alignment, Execution: Discover the Work of Leaders

Bringing together the best practices from more than 300 experts in 150 organizations, plus the findings from prominent scholars and years of additional research, Everything DiSC Work of Leaders® reveals a simple, actionable path toward more effective leadership.

Its proven leadership principles connect directly to real-world demands today, generating powerful insights for leaders—or future leaders—of any size organization: 

  • Learn about the DiSC® model and how it can inform the role of leader.
  • Discover your leadership style and priorities on the Everything DiSC Leadership Map.
  • Find ways to adapt your natural style to be more effective with everyone looking to you for leadership.
  • Learn and understand the three fundamental responsibilities of every leader:
    • How to craft a Vision: imagine a future your organization can help make a reality
    • How to create Alignment: get everyone to understand and commit to the shared vision
    • How to champion Execution: ensure the conditions are present to turn the vision into reality

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Everything DiSC Work of Leaders®

Explore new paths to meeting your leadership development goals.

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders can help you meet a variety of leadership development goals:

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Executive training & coaching

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Leadership & management development

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Professional development

I really like not only the simplicity of this model but also how DiSC provides insights for leaders to develop the behaviors to fulfill each of these roles.

Scott Zimmerman, executive performance coach

The learning experience

Based on a proven model of leadership—Vision, Alignment, and Execution—Everything DiSC Work of Leaders is designed to help uncover your unique DiSC leadership style and adapt it to provide a clear, actionable path to more effective leadership. 

It's composed of four parts: a brief assessment, a comprehensive profile report, an optional classroom experience, and follow-up tools.

Participants begin with a proven, computer-adaptive assessment that reveals their DiSC styles and determines their leadership priorities based on the Work of Leaders model. 

The results are translated into a detailed, 23-page profile that provides personalized strategies for crafting a Vision, building Alignment, and championing Execution. 

Classroom training can help energize the experience with a customizable presentation, engaging videos, and 36 podcast segments further exploring the key principles of Vision, Alignment, and Execution. 

Beyond the classroom learning, MyEverythingDiSC™ allows participants to take the benefits of their Work of Leaders profile with them wherever they go.

Explore a sample report for the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders profile.

Work of Leaders profile (English)

  • Stand-alone profile is ideal for anyone leading a group or organization.
  • 23-page, leadership-specific report breaks down the work leaders do into intuitive, actionable components.
  • Includes access to MyEverythingDiSC, Wiley's mobile-friendly, interactive learning portal that lets you take your personalized DiSC insights everywhere you go.
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Work of Leaders purchase options

There are two easy ways to begin experiencing the benefits of Everything DiSC Work of Leaders at your organization:

Pricing starts at

USD per profile (volume pricing available)

Buy individual profiles

If you need just one or a limited number of Work of Leaders profiles, you simply order as many individual profiles as you need.

Here's what you get:

  • One Everything DiSC Work of Leaders assessment for a single learner
  • Access to the test immediately via email sent to the buyer
  • Personalized profile results immediately available to the learner upon test completion
  • Learner access to MyEverythingDiSC.com to further explore their styles and comparisons
  • A variety of in-depth, supplemental reports available for purchase


Set up an Administrative Account

The best option if you have an ongoing need for large numbers of Everything DiSC profiles or if you want to manage learner access.

Here's what you get:

  • The ability to manage and organize all your learner profiles and reports in a secure, flexible account
  • A simple credit buying system that gives you continuous, flexible access to the tools you need
  • Results delivered to learners on your own schedule
  • Free Comparison and Team View reports 
  • Capability of branding reports with your logo and company information


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Get the most out of your Work of Leaders profiles.

Facilitation kit brings the profile to life

From a customizable presentation and engaging videos to 36 podcast segments specific to Vision, Alignment, and Execution, the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Facilitation Kit creates a memorable experience that can inspire your next generation of leaders.

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