DiSC® video backgrounds

Free for use

Virtual backgrounds

Use these backgrounds for video chats or presentations to let others know your DiSC style.

4 DiSC styles video background image

All four styles

DiSC D-style background

D-style background

DiSC DC-style background

DC-style background

DiSC Di-style background

Di-style background

DiSC i-style background

i-style background

DiSC iD-style background

iD-style background

DiSC iS-style background

iS-style background

DiSC S-style background

S-style background

DiSC SC-style background

SC-style background

DiSC Si-style background

Si-style background

DiSC C-style background

C-style background

CD style video background image

CD-style background

CS style video background image

CS-style background

DiSC D-styles background

D-styles background

DiSC i-styles background

i-styles background

DiSC S-styles background

S-styles background

DiSC C-style background

C-styles background

DiSC® + The Five Dysfunctions

Everything DiSC is embedded in the assessment and profile for The Five Behaviors Team Development. This is a great next step for teams.