Supplement for Facilitators Report

Another view of a learner’s DiSC style

This short report gives an even richer insight into a person’s Everything DiSC® style. It can be very helpful to review with anyone who doesn't feel like their profile quite matches their vision of themselves, or who have a dot close to the center of the DiSC circle. This report can also be helpful to review before meeting with someone one-on-one.

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Agile EQ Supplement for Facilitators Report (English)

  • Is free from an Admin Account (EPIC) with the Everything DiSC profile.
  • Provides scores for all eight DiSC scales: D, Di/iD, i, iS/Si, S, SC/CS, C, and CD/DC
  • Includes unexpected survey items where a respondent answered in a way that isn’t typically associated with their DiSC style.
  • Displays scores for each of the eight product-specific Priority subscales.

The Everything DiSC Supplement for Facilitators is an included option on any completed Everything DiSC Productive Conflict, Sales, Management, Agile EQ, Work of Leaders, and Workplace profiles in your EPIC administrator account. Each Supplement shows the Priority subscales that match the related profile.

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I just like it because it shows how your dot got there and that whole algorithm and how the assessment is so precise and intricate that it picks up on these different questions.

Jeannie, Everything DiSC facilitator

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The Supplement for Facilitators Report can be generated when you run the profile report in your Administrator Account (EPIC). It's available for traditional profiles and those on the Catalyst platform. It is not available for purchase.

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