Updating your EPIC account

Organizations and personnel change. You can update your EPIC account to reflect those changes by editing administrators, choosing a new password, or updating your organization's contact information.

Change password or administrator

You can change EPIC administrators in the Personal Options screen.

You can also choose a new password for EPIC.

We suggest using the same password you use for signing in to your Discprofile.com account. Just remember that your username for EPIC is typically not the same as your Discprofile.com login (your email address). However, some administrators prefer to edit them to be the same.


Click on Personal Options | My Personal Settings


EPIC: personal options


You can change the administrator name and email from this screen. 


EPIC: Edit User Info

Add or edit account information

Click on Personal Options | View/Edit Account Information.

Report covers

You can change the information that will show on the report covers created for you in EPIC.


EPIC: Edit report cover data


Customized emails

A custom email subject line can be created and used when assigning Access Codes.

EPIC: customize emails


See Uploading your logo to EPIC if you need to update your logo.