The Five Behaviors
Facilitation Kit

Deliver Five Behaviors training with confidence

Five Behaviors Facilitation Kit

The Five Behaviors® Personal Development and Team Development solutions are available together in one facilitation kit for the first time ever.

This new combined kit is designed to support interactive, instructor-led training in a virtual or physical classroom.

The included exercises, videos, and handouts mean you don’t have to create everything on your own. But if you do want to add content or an activity for your unique group, templates are provided to help you make it all look seamlessly integrated.

For use with Five Behaviors Team Development and Five Behaviors Personal Development profiles (sold separately).

What’s included?

Team Development kit, for building more cohesive intact teams. Downloadable files include the following:

  • One- and three-day Facilitator’s Guides with scripted sessions and experiential activities
  • Participant handouts
  • Customizable PowerPoint slides with updated branding
  • 40+ minutes of videos featuring Patrick Lencioni, author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
  • Sample annotated reports to help facilitators prepare for sessions
  • Support materials like podcasts, virtual facilitation guide, and more

Personal Development kit, for building a culture of teamwork starting at the individual level. Downloadable files include the following:

  • Facilitator’s Guide for a half-day program, with scripted sessions and experiential activities
  • Customizable PowerPoint slides with updated branding
  • Videos featuring Patrick Lencioni
  • Sample annotated reports
  • Facilitation support materials

What happens after purchase

Your facilitation kit will be sent via an email that includes the unique facilitation kit serial number.

The email will be sent from [email protected]. Please allow 24 hours for receipt of the email.


Existing kit holders: We have great news! If you already own a Team Development or Personal Development kit, you can download the additional content on the product registration site. Make sure you have registered your kit to gain access to the combined kit.

Team Development facilitation modules

These interactive, instructor-led training modules are designed for virtual or physical classrooms, and customizable to fit your team’s goals.

  • Introduction of The Five Behaviors model – Setting the groundwork for Patrick Lencioni’s life-changing principles
  • Building Trust – Teaching the concept of vulnerability-based trust and then practicing it
  • Mastering Conflict – Helping participants understand and practice the benefits of healthy conflict
  • Achieving Commitment – Demonstrating how clarity and buy-in are key to achieving commitment
  • Embracing Accountability – Stressing the importance of peer-to-peer accountability
  • Focusing on Results – Emphasizing the key concept that collective results are more important than individual goals
  • Review and Action Plan – Taking the lessons learned home and applying them to your real-world challenges

Personal Development facilitation modules

These modules also focus on each step of the Five Behaviors model, but are created for individuals learning teamwork skills. Times listed for each module are approximate.

  • You and The Five Behaviors – 15 minutes
  • Building Trust – 45 minutes
  • Mastering Conflict – 40 minutes
  • Achieving Commitment – 35 minutes
  • Embracing Accountability – 50 minutes
  • Focusing on Results – 20 minutes
  • Summary and Action – 15 minutes

Optional activities

  • Conflict Behaviors – 30 minutes
  • Using Your Results Motivators – 30 minutes

Download The Five Behaviors Personal Development Program Overview.

Download The Five Behaviors: Personal Development Virtual Facilitation Activities.

View videos showing key aspects of the Personal Development facilitated sessions.


A physical USB with the contents of the kit is also available for purchase. Please contact us for more details.
$ 1495 00 USD

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