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Credits for DiSC or The Five Behaviors profiles and reports

EPIC credits are for use in an existing EPIC Administrator Account.

Credits purchased from are redeemed in Wiley's EPIC platform for profiles and reports. All Everything DiSC and The Five Behaviors assessments are accessible in the EPIC system — no need to purchase individual assessments.

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   Everything DiSC circle Profile (English) Credits per profile
Workplace 15
Agile EQ 25
Productive Conflict 20
Management 25
Work of Leaders 25
Sales 25
Group Reports 25
Comparison Reports FREE
Team View Reports FREE

French language profiles require a different number of credits.

Workplace and Management profiles in French: 22 credits
Productive Conflict in French: 20 credits

Everything DiSC on Catalyst Profile on Catalyst Credits per profile
Workplace 15
Agile EQ 10
Management 10
All learners on the Catalyst platform must begin with the Workplace profile. Additional profiles can be offered along with Workplace or at a later date.
The Five Behaviors pyramid Profile (English) Credits per profile
Personal Development 25
Team Development 35
Progress Report

FREE for original team

DiSC Classic graph Profile (English) Credits per profile
DiSC Classic 2.0 15
Group Reports 25

Credits never expire. If you order a few more than currently necessary, those extra credits may be used for profiles to be completed sometime in the future.

Credits may not be applied to the purchase of items such as training tools.

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1000-1499 $5.10
1500-1999 $5.00
2000+ $4.90


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