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If you use EPIC, you can administer a second profile for someone using some of the data they entered while taking another Everything DiSC profile they completed.

For example, last month everyone on a team took Everything DiSC Workplace and now you want to give the two managers Everything DiSC Management. They don't have to complete the entire DiSC questionnaire again, but can answer just the new questions applicable to management issues.

If the respondent took the first survey in a rush or while sick or during a major change at work, you might want to ask them to take it again for better accuracy. If their previous profile was completed over a year or two ago, we recommend asking them to take the entire survey again.

The new profile costs the same number of credits whether or not you use any existing data to complete it. The value is in saving time for the respondent and not having to address questions about possible small changes in the placement of the respondent's dot.

Select Manage Reports, then Edit Existing Reports

EPIC: Edit Existing Reports
Search for each participant by name or email address.

EPIC: Search by name

Locate the most recent profile completed by this participant and click on Edit (top left of record).

EPIC: Search results

Scroll down to Advanced Options.

EPIC: Use existing data

Select the new profile this person will be taking and then click on "Use existing data for new Report."

Verify that this is the new profile you want and click on Create Report.

You'll see this warning, informing you of the cost of the profile. It's the same cost as running one with all new data. (The savings is in the time it takes the respondent to complete the questionnaire.)

Warning screen from EPIC

Continue through the process to send out a new access code.