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Learn more about DiSC style preferences in action

Objective: Learn about your colleagues’ DiSC styles and preferences and discuss different DiSC style characteristics

Prerequisites: General familiarity with DiSC, for groups of 6 or more

Materials: As many chairs as you have participants, timer

Time required: 15–30 minutes


  1. Set up two lines of chairs, facing one another. (You’ll need as many chairs as you have participants.)
  2. Divide your group into two smaller groups.
  3. Have each small group sit in one of the lines of chairs. Each person should be facing another person. This will be their partner for the first question. If there is an odd number of people, prepare to step in and sit across from whoever doesn’t have a partner! 
  4. Tell participants that they will have 90 seconds to discuss their preferences in a “this or that” scenario. You can lengthen or shorten this amount of time based on the depth in which you want your participants to discuss the topics. 
    They can discuss their preferences, how their choices parallel something they saw in their DiSC profiles, and how their choices connect to their workplace priorities. 
  5. Select the first “this or that” scenario you want the group to discuss, read it out, and set the timer!
  6. After 90 seconds of discussion, the row of your choice will move one seat to the right.
  7. Repeat steps 5-6 until participants get back to their original partner.

When participants get back to their original partners, if you have extra time, you can regroup the participants and repeat the activity so they get the chance to interact with more people. 

See below for a list of “this or that” scenarios. Feel free to get creative and add your own!


Would you rather…

  • Take a walk with friends or take a walk while listening to your favorite podcast?
  • Do group work or individual work?
  • Compile a list of facts and figures or present the list of facts and figures to your division? (Assume you understand said facts and figures in both scenarios.)
  • Meet with clients from your home office in your slippers or travel around to different offices to meet with clients?
  • Write out a response to a complex question or have a phone/video call about it?
  • Have the opportunity to create your own job description at a company or seek out/find a job with an existing description that fits what you want? 
  • Launch a new project or join an existing project that’s found a lot of success? 
  • Work from a comfy couch or work from an office with a view? 
  • Make a presentation at the company meeting or send an announcement over the company intranet? 
  • Plan things out carefully or improvise? 
  • Watch videos/read or take a walk during your lunch break? 
  • Meet with your team in person weekly or work entirely online with virtual check-ins? 
  • Deal with an angry client or an angry coworker? 
  • Go to a company happy hour or have a casual, virtual check-in with your team? 
  • Defend your position on the correct way to do something or generate buy-in from your teammates for a new idea?
  • Welcome new teammates to the company and help them through some onboarding or ask veteran teammates for advice on how to solve a problem?
  • Ask your team for suggestions on something you’re working on or only bring them in to help if you need them?
  • Oversee an entire project on your team or oversee only one part of a project?