DiSC® training activities

Engage learners with DiSC

We recommend starting your Everything DiSC training by first reviewing and using the facilitation kits available for each profile. But we offer a few more ideas here.

See DiSC activities and training materials for posters, slide decks, and more to share with your learners.

Everything DiSC Management

For Everything DiSC Management

For teams or groups

For newly formed teams or groups

What have I got in my pockets?

For working teams

Positive conflict on teams

Answer me this

This is our team

Eulogy for a team

The song I sing

DiSC styles and teamwork


With Catalyst

Your groups

Video introduction to Your groups (click on three vertical dots on bottom left of video to download)


With QuikDiSC cards

Team strengths

Characteristics feedback


With Everything DiSC floor graphic

My place in the circle

Affirmation bag toss

Walk the circle

Manager with staff person on shop floor

For Everything DiSC Work of Leaders