My place in the circle

Everything DiSC activity

Objectives: Deepen learners' understanding of the four main DiSC styles. Share DiSC insights with teammates.

Just being told someone’s DiSC style doesn’t always make it stick in your mind. Watching them walk to where their dot appears on the Everything DiSC circle and stand proudly there will make a longer-lasting impact.

Prerequisites: Familiarity with DiSC and their own style.

Materials: A way to indicate areas on the floor or in the room for the different styles.


  1. Ask a participant to move to their DiSC spot.
  2. Ask this person to declare their style and then answer one of the following questions once they’re standing in their spot.
    Tip: Substitute questions based on the needs of the group.
    • What would you like to share about your style and place in the circle?
      Tip: Facilitators can suggest participants share their priorities or a statement from their profile.
    • What is one assumption we might make about you based on where you’re standing? Would that assumption be correct or incorrect?
    • What should we know about your style?
    • How do you experience being close to, or distant from, the center? In other words, how do you experience being strongly or weakly inclined to your style?
    • What advantages does your style bring to our team?
    • What’s a challenge you have on this team that might be because of your style? How can teammates help you?
    • Which style do you most often have to flex into when working with this team?
  3. Repeat with each group member.