What have I got in my pockets?

An activity to introduce learners to each other

Objective: This can be used when new teams are forming or when beginning a training session with people who don't know each other. Use with small groups. It’s designed to help people learn about each other and to facilitate trust-building.
If used in a virtual setting, this can be an opportunity for learners to stand and move around a bit.

Materials: None

Time: ~20 minutes, depending on size of group


  1. Ask everyone to think about what they’ve brought with them into the room they are in. It can be something from their pockets, bag, or wallet. It could even be something they’re wearing or their attitude.
    Tip: If you have the time and want to get people more engaged, select one person to be “it.” The others in the group get to ask one question each about the object and try to guess what it is. (Think 20 questions, but much shorter.)
  2. The person who is “it” then reveals the object and shares something about it. What does this object mean to you? What does it represent? Is there a story about this object?

Examples: “I always carry this coin I got from my grandfather. We weren’t very close, but I always respected his wisdom. He challenged me to save this quarter for an entire month. I’ve had it for 15 years.”
“I brought this pen. It was probably a bad choice because it’s retractable and I tend to fidget. I promise to put it away so I don’t bug you by clicking it all morning.”


  • Ask how what’s in their pocket or in their workspace today differs from what they would have had 5 years ago.
  • Ask about what app is on their phone that probably isn’t on anyone else’s. Why is this app important to them?