Common sayings

Maxims that reflect the four DiSC styles

Objective: Quickly review the four main DiSC styles. 

Prerequisites: Familiarity with DiSC.

Materials: Download DiSC: Common Sayings as a PowerPoint file or DiSC: Common Sayings as a Word file. If you use the Word file, you can print it on card stock, cut out each saying, and leave them on a table.


Common sayings quiz


Time required: ~10 minutes


  1. Ask the group to shout out a few common sayings, maxims, or aphorisms. Suggest that some of these reflect how we respect each main DiSC style.
    Samples not in the quiz: “To err is human, to forgive divine.” “Having nothing, nothing can he lose.” “Pride goeth before a fall.” “Opposites attract.”

  2. Walk through the slides asking learners to suggest which DiSC style best fits the selected aphorisms. Or ask participants to organize printed examples into each of the four styles.