This is our team 

Group activity

Objectives: Increase team cohesion. Celebrate the team. Create a team brand. Every team has a culture and its own personality. People will talk about the team as a unit, as its own entity. Teams can influence how they are talked about by considering their team’s brand. 

Prerequisites: Use this with longer-term teams that have been together for several months.

Materials: Whiteboards (physical or virtual) or flip charts, plus the creative tools of your choice

Time required: ~60 minutes

Instructions: Ask members to create a slogan, a rallying cry, a cheer, logo, mascot, or a coat of arms that reflects their team. To help them, provide markers, drawing sheets, magazines, LEGOs, or whatever might help them think more creatively. Also ask them to consider the following questions:

  • What was a peak experience for your team?
  • What does your team stand for?
  • How is your team unique?
  • How do you want your team to be remembered?
  • How does your team spend its time together?
  • What is your team particularly good at?
  • What do you want others to know about your team?

As the facilitator, you might want to ask yourself or the group these questions:

  • What did this exercise reveal about how much team members trust each other?
  • About how the team deals with conflict?
  • About how results- or process-oriented it is?
  • About the team’s cohesion?


Sample cheer for a public relations team

We've got the words. Oh, yes we do! 
Remarks! Comments! Statements! Reports! 
Responses! Replies! Rejoinders! Retorts!
Give us a call. We've got some for you!

Sample slogans
For a finance team: Our financial expertise at your service.

For a maintenance team: Call us, and we will be there.

Sample mascot, Tokyo Police Department