Free Catalyst upgrade

Past Everything DiSC® and DiSC Classic learners are eligible for a free Everything DiSC on Catalyst upgrade through December 31, 2024. This upgrade is available only for profiles completed in English.

Watch these videos for support:  


If you’re upgrading more than a few learners, see Upgrading multiple learners.

Go to Manage Reports | Create New Report/Issue Access Codes | Assign Access Codes

Select Everything DiSC, then Catalyst: Everything DiSC.

Click Next.


Product selection menu


You’ll now be asked to enter the name of your learner’s organization.

If your learners are from a large organization, you should double-check that you’re assigning them to the correct organization. Very large organizations might be listed with a different city.

Learners can add their department name themselves once they are on Catalyst.


EPIC: Select organization menu


If EPIC doesn't already have your organization listed, you’ll be able to add it.


EPIC: Add organization screen


The next screen confirms your report selection and allows you to select a folder and/or schedule your email(s) to your learner(s). Under Add Respondents, you’ll want to select Use Existing Report. Click Search.


EPIC: Use existing report


You have several options for how you can search for your learners. Choose whichever makes most sense for you.


EPIC: Search criteria screen


Select your learners from the resulting list by checking the box to the left of their names.


EPIC: Search results screen


Your selected learners will now show on your Manage Reports page. Discounts are reflected in the “Qty/Cr” column.


EPIC: Add respondents


You will need to confirm that your learners are part of the organization you selected or entered earlier.

Continue through the process to send out a new Access Code.

Reminder: You can preview the automatically generated email sent to Workplace on Catalyst Respondents at Personal Options | View Sample Email Templates.