Help with  Catalyst

Catalyst provides DiSC® learners in the same organization multiple ways to learn about themselves and how to better work with each other. For facilitators, it provides a more interactive form of training.

Common Catalyst tasks on EPIC

Give past Everything DiSC (any profile) or DiSC Classic learners a free Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst upgrade. Available through December 31, 2024.

Any existing Workplace, Management, or Agile EQ kit holder who purchased their kit on or before December 31, 2024, can download the Everything DiSC on Catalyst Facilitation Kit for free! Download the virtual facilitation materials by going to and entering your Workplace, Management, or Agile EQ Facilitation Kit serial number.


Assigning Access Codes

Creating additional profiles (adding applications)

Changing a learner's organization

Adding and editing organizations

Managing departments

Changing privacy settings

Generating profiles for viewing outside the Catalyst platform

Upgrading multiple learners


Catalyst administration in EPIC (pdf)


Email templates (for use outside of EPIC)

New learner email

Past learner email (for those upgrading to the Catalyst platform from a previous Everything DiSC profile)



For questions related to facilitation, see The Catalyst platform.


DiSC certification & training

One of the benefits of DiSC is that you don't have to be certified to offer it in your organization. But it sure does make you more confident and professional.