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Everything DiSC® Sales Profile

Communicate better with your customers. Understand how to match your style to theirs.

Uses: Sales, customer service, professional development, career development

By helping people discover their unique strengths and limitations, Everything DiSC Sales can convince even experienced salespeople that they can become more effective at their jobs.

Profile is for one person.


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Features of Everything DiSC Sales

  • Understand Your DiSC® Sales Style.
  • Recognize and Understand Customer Buying Styles.
  • Adapt Your Sales Style to Your Customer’s Buying Style.
  • Stand-alone profile for ANYONE aspiring to or in a sales position.
  • The language of the narrative is supportive, personalized and easily understood without the intervention of an assessment professional.
  • Takes 15-20 minutes to complete the survey. Assessment results are available upon completion.
  • Access (on request) to learn more about your style, compare your style to customers, and create customer interaction maps via MyEverythingDiSC.com
  • Customer Sales Interaction maps and Comparison Reports free in EPIC accounts.

See for Yourself

  Everything DiSC Sales Profile sample

Additional Reports Available for Purchase for the Facilitator

PDF document Everything DiSC Facilitator Report
PDF document Everything DiSC Team View Report
PDF document Everything DiSC Group Culture Report
Everything DiSC Sales Profile-Supplement for Facilitators Report
A to B Comparison Report
B to A Comparison Report
Customer Interaction Map

Sample videos from the Everything DiSC Sales Facilitation Kit

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