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Virtual facilitation with Catalyst

Tips & recommendations

Getting started with Catalyst

Just getting familiar with Catalyst or with virtual facilitation? These videos can help. They will also give you a sense of what's inside your Catalyst Facilitation Kit.

Facilitation tips

In this video, we will focus on some of the training logistics for facilitating Catalyst in the virtual space for you, as well as your learners. 

Using instructional modules in Catalyst

Learn more about using the flexible and customizable facilitation modules for Everything DiSC Workplace® and Agile EQ on Catalyst. 

What if someone loses their connection during your session?

Your DiSC® Profile backup option

If you have concerns about losing connection during your session, make sure participants have access to their PDF profiles as a backup. You can do this by:

  • Asking participants to download their profiles in advance of the session through the “Download reports” page of the Catalyst platform.
  • Saving a copy of participants’ profiles from EPIC in your own files and sending these reports out either in advance or as needed during the session.

Spend some time reviewing Your DiSC Style to understand which profile pages correspond to each section the Catalyst platform. The classroom facilitation materials in the Catalyst Facilitation Kit reference the relevant profile pages for each module and can be a useful resource as you complete this review.

Ask learners to place their dot location on a whiteboard

Fundamentals module 2 modifications

Unlike other modules, Fundamentals Module 2: Your Colleagues centers on content found exclusively on the Catalyst platform. If only a small number of participants are experiencing connectivity issues, you have the option to run the activity as scripted by pairing participants who can’t connect with ones who can. In this case, instruct the connected partner to share their screen during the breakout discussion to display the Colleague page.

If many or all participants cannot access the Catalyst colleague feature, you can replace the main activity in this module with a different discussion.

  • Using the profile, ask all participants to turn to page FN-4 and look at the words in the two white circles adjacent to their DiSC quadrant (e.g. Accepting, People-focused, Empathizing, Receptive, Agreeable.)
  • Instruct participants to choose one of those words that they strongly identify with.
  • Send participants into breakout room in pairs to discuss:
    • Which word did you choose for yourself and why?
    • To what extent do you identify with the word your partner chose? Is this an area of common ground or difference between you?
    • How might these similarities or differences help you when it comes to working on a project together? How might they make things more difficult?
Some facilitators will produce and print Comparison Reports from EPIC for managers/reports or for individuals they want to pair up. Comparisons can, of course, be done on the Catalyst platform whenever learners choose, but a printed copy allows for learners' notes.

Additional support for Catalyst

We answer many of the questions others like you have asked.