Generating profiles with Catalyst

Want to see your learner's profiles or print out a copy for them? Want to download the Supplement for Facilitators report for a learner? Read on. We offer other help pages for assigning access codes and creating additional profiles.

Use these instructions to create one PDF document for viewing, printing or emailing. Each time a report is generated, EPIC grabs the most up-to-date information to pull into the report. Because EPIC does not store individually generated reports, completed reports can be generated for viewing an infinite number of times without credits being charged.


Single profile or report

Multiple profiles


For a single profile

Go to Manage Reports | View/Print/Email Competed Reports


View, Print or Email report in EPIC


Use the Search function to locate a report.


Search for Catalyst records in EPIC


Click the Select link next to your chosen report.


EPIC help: select learner or report


Select the which report content to include, and which applications (e.g., Workplace or Agile EQ). Also select if you want to run the profile and/or the Supplement for Facilitators.


EPIC: Select content


Click Next.

After EPIC generates the report, click View, Save, or Email.

For multiple profiles

Go to Manage Reports | General Reports for Download (under the Batch Functions section of the menu).


EPIC: Generate Reports for Download


Or use the shortcut we've provided on your EPIC home page.


EPIC: batch generate quick link

Use the Search function to locate the reports.

Click the checkbox next to the reports you want.

Overwrite the default file name if you choose (this can help you locate the .ZIP file later).

Select which content to include in reports.

Click Next to review and edit the list of reports.

Click Generate Batch. A message appears letting you know the approximate time this batch of reports will take to generate.

Click OK.